«Teddy World» —
the 21th international exhibition
of Teddy Bears and their friends

8th June — 16th June 2024

Gallery "Center of Books and Graphics", Liteiny pr. 55, near Mayakovskaya metro station

days till the exhibition:

About exhibition

«TeddyWorld» is the first exhibition of teddy toys,
where more than 100 toymakers ship their works to the organazing committee
and we exhibit them in the oldest gallery space

The heart of the exhibition is author’s handmade toys in teddy style. Here you can meet not only bears but also their friends. Moreover, we exhibit works which were made using different techniques such as fulling (filzhadel), knitting, polymer clay modeling and mixed techniques. There are more than 700 works made by Russian and foreign toy makers.

21th exhibition of author’s toys «TeddyWorld» will be held in St. Petersburg from June 8 to June 16 in the Gallery "Book and Graphics Center" on Liteiny pr., 55, not far from Mayakovskaya metro station.


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The organizer

«TeddyWorld is a place, where you can feel like a child. Teddy bears have become more than just toys or an interior detail. They are friends, who live in your home, with their own soul and unique image. For the toy makers they are not just handiwork, but a real art.
This summer we are going to exhibit in Lavka Hudozhnika (Artist’s shop). This place is a center of cultural life of the Northern Capital of Russia.
We will be glad to meet our old and new visitors and share with you a warm, cozy and kind atmosphere of TeddyWorld!»

Alika Dzhordzh


What kind of works can be exhibited in the exhibition?

The main exposition of the exhibition is teddy-style bears. We also exhibit works in various techniques (knitting, ceramics, filznadel, etc.) that related to the theme of animals. We don’t exhibit teddy dolls with human faces. The size of toys doesn’t matter.

Do I need any packaging for my works?

No, you don’t. A large number of craft bags and ziploc bags are purchased, and then we stamp them with the logo of the exhibition. We kindly ask you to take packaging with you after delivery of your work.

When should I apply for participation?

You should fill out the participation rules electronic form and send it a week after you signed up for the «TeddyWorld» exhibition. The application form with a list of works should be sent a month before the start of the exhibition. Masters from St. Petersburg bring printed application form during the installation of the exhibition; participants from other cities put it in the parcel. Application forms are required both in electronic form and in printed form.

How can I pay for participation in the exhibition?

There are two stages of payment: 50% of the cost of participation is paid within two weeks from the date you signed up for the exhibition. The second part is paid until May 11, 202

Can I participate with more than 7 works?

Yes, you can. You need to pay 200 rubles for each subsequent work.

What should the passport of work look like?

Each work is accompanied by a passport (it has to be sewn / tied / pinned), which contains the name of the author (must match the name of the author in the application), the title, materials used, the city and the year of creature. We highly recommend you to print your passport in two languages (English and Russian). The size of the passport shouldn’t be more than 5x9 cm in a single-page version, 4.5x6 cm in a multi-page version

What are souvenirs?

Works with the price no more than 800 rubles have to be related to the animal theme. An unlimited amount is the amount that can be sold during the exhibition due to your expectations. One thing you have to understand: if you bring 50 identical magnets, 100 pieces of soap, or 200 gingerbread bears, then we won’t be able to exhibit all these things. There should be several options that will be replaced as they are sold.

Feedback from our participants

Maria Ovchinnikova
Saint Petersburg
I keep telling that TeddyWorld is the coziest and the most soulful exhibition of author’s teddy bears and their friends. I have been involved in it since 2017 and I’m really glad to see that this project is progressing quite successfully, so are toy makers. That means it’s on the right track, there you go! Well, actually, the world of teddies is the world of childhood, fleeting emotions, happy smiles... Each time you open the door of TeddyWorld, you return to your childhood. Thank you for these feelings, my favorite exhibition!
Svetlana Lavrik
«TeddyWorld 2019» is my first real exhibition! And, despite the fact that I didn’t have to be there personally, I was really worried and nervous about the whole process and how my works would be exhibited. Finally, I realized that I shouldn’t have been worried. I watched video reports about the exhibition, could see my works and also the results of the competition with the awarding ceremony. I want to mention an excellent organization, the great work had been done! Alika, I want to thank you for your work, care and attention, and for your feedback.
Lina Shein
Saint Petersburg
TeddyWorld is my very first and favorite exhibition that started everything. First of all, its format (that you don’t need to exhibit in person) is really convenient. You don’t need to waste your time and stand next to your works all day long. That suits not only the participants from other cities, but also local people. The organization of the exhibition is on top. There is much attention to every work and every artist. The location of the exhibition is the center of the Saint Petersburg. Lavka Hudozhnika (Artist’s Shop) is close to Palace Square. The gallery space has its own cozy atmosphere, there are amazing pictures on the walls, there you can feel the spirit of art. I’m proud that I can take part in this exhibition and I’m thankful for the organizers, their support and advertence.

Visitors reviews

Saint Petersburg
It’s an emotional tornado! It’s amazing! I just habitually went to Lavka Hudozhnika and it was like I was in a fairy tale. Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition for inspiration! Thanks for the welcoming atmosphere! And thank you, toymakers, for your hands of gold!
Thank you very much! Your toys are wonderful! Bears, bunnies and cats were so nice. Our family members were really impressed by this fabulously beautiful exhibition!
It’s a very cozy place! Thanks to the organizers. And special thanks to our toymakers with golden hands! Everything was really nice and sweet.
It was a great pleasure to be here! I’ve visited many different exhibitions, but this one is special. Thanks to all of the toymakers for having a great time watching their wonderful works. This exhibition has inspired me to create.
Saint Petersburg
There were lovely toys. Each of them had its own character and bright glance. I was really exited looking at tiny details and costumes. It was the absolute tenderness.